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For 3 players or 3 teams: Team players must divide evenly into three teams. Team members must alternate their physical positions every third player around the playing surface. Players cut cards and lowest card deals — Aces are high. The dealer should shuffle the cards and deal out the same number of cards to each player see table below for proper number of cards to be dealt.

Be sure all members of a team use the same color marker chips. For 2 players 7 cards each For 3 players 6 cards each For 4 players 6 cards each For 6 players 5 cards each For 8 players 4 cards each For 9 players 4 cards each For 10 players 3 cards each For 12 players 3 cards each RULES:. Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and moving in a clockwise direction, each player selects a card of their choice from their hand and places it face up on a discard pile players should start their own discard pile in front of them visible to all other players and then places one of their marker chips on the matching card on the game board.

Each card is pictured twice on the game board. Jacks do not appear on the game board. A player can play on either one of the card spaces as long as it is not already covered by another marker chip. Once a marker chip has been played, it cannot be removed by an opponent except when using a one-eyed Jack as explained below.

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There are 8 Jacks in the card deck. To play a two-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and place one of your marker chips on any open space on the game board. To play a one-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and remove one marker chip from the game board belonging to your opponent. That completes your turn. You cannot place one of your marker chips on that same space during this turn. You may play either one of the Jacks whenever they work best for your strategy, during your turn.

If you hold a card in your hand which does not have an open space on the game board because both spaces representing that card are covered by a marker chip, you are holding a DEAD CARD and you may turn it in for a new card.

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When it is your turn, place the dead card on your discard pile, announce that you are turning in a Dead Card and take a replacement card one card per turn. You then proceed to play your normal turn. Once you have taken your turn and placed your marker chip on the game board, you must take a card from the draw deck. There must be no table talk or coaching team members.

When the draw deck becomes depleted during play, all discard piles are shuffled together to create a new draw deck. Any number from 2 to 12 that is divisible by 2 or 3 can play 2,3,4,6,8,9,10, or Up to 3 may play individually. More than 3 must be in teams.

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  • No more than 3 teams can play. When two players or teams are playing, use only blue and green marker chips.

    Sequence – Game Instructions/Instrucciones De Juego

    If you have an agreement or business arrangement that you think may be of concern, then please reach out to the CS:GO development team for further discussion. If I currently have a conflict of interest, or become aware of one over the course of the event, I will immediately provide detail to the CS:GO development team explaining the nature of my relationship with the other player or players, and a plan for resolving the issue in the future.

    In addition to players, the tournament operator accepts the following clause in the Major tournament agreement:. Licensee and Tournament event staff may not have any business entanglement including, but not limited to, shared management, shared ownership of entities, licensing, and loans with any participating team or players. If Licensee has any business entanglement with any player or teams then Licensee will disclose them in writing including a description of the nature of the conflict to Valve as of the Effective Date and at any point thereafter during the Term when such entanglement may arise.

    Within its sole discretion, Valve reserves the right to a require that Licensee address and remove the business entanglement or b terminate the Agreement without cost or penalty. We think that avoiding conflict of interest is an important part of ensuring fair and honest competition, and so we do not have any plans to change these requirements for participation in a Major.

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    Congratulations to Astralis, who won a record-breaking third straight Major Championship and their fourth overall. Thank you to everyone who watched the Major, and to StarLadder, the teams, and the players for an incredible event.

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    Watch live coverage beginning Thursday on Steam. Watch the matches live on steam. New for this tournament, you can play competitive missions to upgrade your Event Coin or purchase additional Souvenir Tokens. Passholders should get their picks in before the stage begins for a chance at the Diamond Tournament Coin. You will also receive free unlimited Team Graffiti for the duration of the Major and Steam.

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    • Support your favorite teams and players with Berlin Team and Autograph stickers. Keeping Things Competitive Leagues We make it free to get a license to operate a CSGO tournament because we want to get out of the way of third parties creating value for our customers. Shared Ownership A few years ago, we started talking to tournament operators, teams, and players about the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest in CS:GO Majors.

      Media Rights Another conversation we saw during the Major was about the ability for members of the community to broadcast the Major. StarLadder Berlin Major Champions Berlin — Champions Stage Berlin — Legends Stage