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The particulars on identification by prominent characteristics and detail of weaving, the detailed chapter on design, illustrated throughout with text cuts, thus enabling the reader to identify the different varieties by their patterns; and the price per square foot at which each variety is held by retail dealers, are features new in rug literature.

Instructions are also given for the selection, purchase, care and cleaning of rugs, as well as for the detection of fake antiques, aniline dyes, etc. In furtherance of this practical idea the illustrations are not of museum pieces and priceless specimens in the possession of wealthy collectors, but of fine and attractive examples which with knowledge and care can be bought in the open market to-day. These illustrations will therefore be found of the greatest practical value to modern purchasers.

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In the chapter on famous rugs some few specimens illustrative of notable pieces have been added. In brief, the author has hoped to provide within reasonable limits and at a reasonable price a volume from which purchasers of Oriental rugs can learn in a short time all that is necessary for their guidance, and from which dealers and connoisseurs can with the greatest ease of reference refresh their knowledge and determine points which may be in question. Many designers and design publications are saying antique rugs are the hottest thing right now in the home decor market.

Fancy resorts, hotels and other high end destinat … ions are all jumping on the band wagon. Rugs which many consider a precious investment, due to their age and value, are now found in the hippest interior designs. This is the story of Mayo men and women active during the War of Independence and the Civil War, a story largely untold or forgotten.

Throughout, there is an attempt at r … eal insight into the lives of participants. The establishment and acceptance of The story of hooked rugs in the Midwest is a ragbag blending of romance, folklore, myth and common sense told through the colors of barns and sky, golden wheat, farm ponds, red clay, red brick, steel, glass and fountains.

In this vividly illustrated history, Mary Collins Barile shakes out the dust from the Midwestern hooked rug with the vigor its unique blend of utility and imagination deserves. Just when the art of weaving originated is an uncertainty, but there seems to be a consensus of opinion among archologists in general that it was in existence earlier tha … n the 24th century before Christ.

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The first people which we have been able with certainty to associate with this art were the ancient Egyptians. Monuments of ancient Egypt and of Mesopotamia bear witness that the products of the hand loom date a considerable time prior to B. From ancient literature we learn that the palaces of the Pharaohs were ornamented with rugs; that the tomb of Cyrus, founder of the ancient Persian monarchy, was covered with a Babylonian carpet and that Cleopatra was carried into the presence of Csar wrapped in a rug of the finest texture.

Ovid vividly described the weaver's loom. In Homer's Iliad we find these words: "Thus as he spoke he led them in and placed on couches spread with purple carpets o'er. The Egyptian carpets were not made of the same material and weave as are the so-called Oriental rugs of to-day. The pile surface was not made by tying small tufts of wool upon the warp thread.

The Chinese seem to have been the first to have made rugs in this way. Persia acquired the art from Babylon many centuries before Christ, since which time she has held the foremost place as a rug weaving nation. Her head is spinning faster than a whirling dervishs. Yet, Christen, the owner of the Galleria Persian Arts in the New Orleans iconic French Quarter, is caught up in doin … g what is fun versus doing what is right.

Her intuition is good; it tells her that this man might be trouble. He looks like Omar Shariff, knows Persian rugs, and acts like he can sell a lot of them. Her sensual nature wants to hire him on the spot. Her Catholic Blessed Mother upbringing cautions her to be careful. Booklovers take a metaphorical magic carpet ride around the Islamic World where they are privy to honest bohemian introspective chit chat from paradoxical cultural perspectives. They meet exotic characters when they are taken into native homes and bustling bazaars where they listen in on indigenous conversations and intuit the consequence of forbidden love and sexual intrigue.

Readers witness a collision of remarkable characters and worlds as this is at once an extraordinary story of two people who are about to discover who they really are and an unforgettable look into the impact of poor Ohio Valley coal mining country and the stunning culture of Islam.

Since , Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and ea … sily. There are now more than titles in this series, and their remarkable This guide to chinese rugs is a classic work of art history and of enormous importance to collectors, artists and casual readers alike. First published in the famous rug-m … aking city of Tientsin more than fifty years ago in a limited edition, Chinese Carpets and Rugs has unjustly been out of print for far too long.

It has been the object of eager and futile search by many collectors, and its reappearance here in a faithful photographic reprint is certain to be welcomed by all discerning students of carpet weaving in one of its most famous and delightful forms. The book presents valuable essays on the development of carpet weaving, the colors of Chinese carpets, and the weaving process.

The enduring worth of this book is proved by its continuing high reputation among collectors. BHG shop Decor Rugs Area Rugs Related Categories: square outdoor rugs small accent rugs zapotec rugs transitional area rugs 2 x 5 rugs hearth rugs for fireplaces 2x3 rugs tartan rugs colonial braided rugs blue braided rugs.

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