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Posted on Jul 11, in News. Posted on May 18, in News. This gives us two distinct enumerations of the Panchen Lamas.

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We have released the initial stage of our 3D map of the Jonang Takten Monastery campus in central Tibet. For an introduction to this project, see the post on Jonangpa. New features will allow viewers to virtually navigate Takten Monastery. Posted on Jan 27, in News. This distinction is a result of our methodology for classification, based on our practices of categorizing texts according to their topics over the past several years. It is part of a more rigorous assessment of the structure and organization of Tibetan literature as a whole within our digital holdings.

Read the full post Posted on Jan 16, in News. Join us Wednesday nights this spring on campus in the village to read poetic selections from Tibetan verses. Tucci, Tibetan Painted Scrolls , Rzym Snelling, Buddhism in Russia. Berry, A Stranger in Tibet. The Adventures of Zen Monk , Collins Hisao Kimura, Japanese Agent in Tibet. Ford, Captured in Tibet , Pan Books Patterson, Tragic Destiny , Faber and Faber Patterson, Requiem for Tibet , Aurum Press Khemy Sonam Wangdu, H.

Richardson, B.

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