Guide Its (Not) Only T-Ball: How to Teach T-ball, Coach a Team, and Manage A Game

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Whether it's strategies for organizing a scrimmage to making the most of batting practice, here are drills and tips for ensuring your squad makes the most of their valuable practice time. S ome easy tips to follow to be a successful softball coach. Have A Plan Focus on practice drills that will better each player, such as throwing, catching a ball, and proper batting techniques.

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These drills will help your players learn their teammates strengths, the game, and will give you the ability to evaluate areas the team and individual players need improvement. Be Positive Truly, winning isn't everything. It's important to develop skills and have motivation to win, but having fun and making great memories is what's important. Young players and softball pros benefit from their coach instilling a positive attitude and providing encouragement even when mistakes are made.

It's been proven that learning is more natural when people are having fun and united in a common goal. As the coach, you should be positive, but make sure teammates are also encouraging and having fun. One bad attitude can derail the rest of the team and season. Be talking with each player about what happens.

The objective is not on mastery at this point. Put common, small parts of the game into competition that is fun. Get kids excited by having them cheer or embellishing calls. This is your last chance to get them to smile, laugh, and learn so they come back wanting more. Explanatory Fun Games for Baseball Practice videos can be found here or you can follow the outline below.

Start Baseball Right! Practice Structure

I recently found a great new tee ball format to introduce our organization. This page that outlines ways to improve our kids first experience with baseball and gives them an overall better game to play. I thought this could be a game changer for our league and wanted to introduce you to Coach Steve Nicollerat, the Coach and founder of Coach Baseball Right, who came up with the idea after 39 years of coaching. Our primary focus of this new tee ball format is to…get kids having a blast at baseball by combining practice with the game.

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Never before has life offered kids so many other alternatives to do things. We have to give our kids a better first experience with the game. A New Way to Introduce 4 to 6 year olds to Baseball! Organization Notes: We suggest to replace both practices and games with Start Baseball Right because as you will see in the structure below it merges both practice and games together.

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A team should host 1 Start Baseball Right! Bases would be 45 feet apart.

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Many of your players will show up not knowing which hand their glove goes on. But they will be ahead of the few who show up with no glove. Tee ball should be pressure free. Your three goals for your tee ball team should be, and in this order; be safe, have fun, and teach the very basics of baseball.

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How to coach tee ball is all about following those three goals. If you follow those three goals and communicate with your parents about everything, then your season should be a huge success. At your first practice put your assistant coaches in charge of starting your practice by simply playing catch with the kids.

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Parents are going to want to meet you at the first practice. This is a good time to explain your philosophy, ground rules, and what you hope to accomplish. At most practices parents will have some kind of information they want to pass along to you. Either Johnny has to leave early or they are going on vacation in two weeks and will miss the first game.